BMS Forgejo Customizations
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BMS Forgejo Customizations


  • A robots.txt to block unnecessary URLs for crawlers and prevent files from being generated
  • A modified ARC theme in blue, which has more of a flat design


  1. Clone the repository

  2. Put files from the custom folder of this repo into Forgejo's custom folder (this defaults to /var/lib/forgejo/custom; otherwise take a look at CustomPath under

  3. Assign the correct permissions to Forgejo's custom folder:

chown -R git:git /var/lib/forgejo/custom

For the modified blue ARC theme

  1. Add the theme to your config (see
THEMES = forgejo-auto,forgejo-light,forgejo-dark,auto,gitea,arc-green,bms-arc-blue
  1. (optional) Set it as the default theme
DEFAULT_THEME = bms-arc-blue


Everything in this repository is licensed under the Zero Clause BSD License and released into the public domain.